Monday, October 4, 2010

une petite soiree

My lovely friend Kristen Brown is getting married in November. Therefore my friend Candace (who was the real mastermind behind it all) and I decided to throw a dinner party bridal shower.
The theme- "The South of France meets Southern Romance".
Starters- bread and butter, and a delicious summer salad of spinach, peaches and Gouda (compliments of Taryn!)

Entree- Butternut squash and parsnip soup and petite chicken pot pies

Dessert- Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding (amazing!)

It was so fun to put everything together and I think everyone had a really great time (including me!)

the table

i made caramel apples!
Candace put love quotes on the table.
the gift table- complete with an embroidered sign for Kristen and Will (done by Candace!)
the awesome crown Candace made Kristen
both future brides- Taryn and Kristen
the AMAZING dessert!

Congratulation Kristen! I love you girl!