Tuesday, November 24, 2009

things i'm thankful for

This is 21st Thanksgiving, therefore to honor this, here is a list of 21 things I am grateful for (in no certain order). I am grateful...

1. BYU is only raising their tuition 3% while California raises theirs 32%
2. For
MLIA- which continuously keeps me entertained at work and during long nights in the library
3. My awesome family and the fact they live so close
4. I only have one more semester of French after this one is over
5. I have a great job and great co-workers
6. I have two awesome roomies and a great apartment
7. For my Savior Jesus Christ and His atonement
8. It has yet to actually snow
9. I have a car
10. I am receiving a college education at BYU
11. BYU Men's Basketball season has started
12. Old friends
13. Friends who know how to make me laugh
14. The opportunity to be part of an awesome major (and eventually career!)
15. Nice people
16. The beautiful Utah mountains
17. My cousins, sister and close friends who have chosen to serve the Lord on a mission
18. The ability to pay for things without my parents help
19. The Holiday season- when everyone is a little kinder and more giving
20. My testimony of the Book of Mormon and the prophet Joseph Smith
21. The opportunity I have to teach Relief Society
22. Two wonderful home teachers who actually come every month
23. The wide variety of people I've had to chance to associate with throughout my life in multiple states and countries
24. The Constitution of the United States and subsequently my freedom
25. The men and women who have and do sacrifice to protect my freedom
26. Two parents who love each other loads and love their kids- and express it!

So I realized that as I was about to write the 27th thing I'm thankful for that I had surpassed the allotted number. But ya know what? I'm so thankful for so many things- the list could go on. What are YOU thankful for?

Monday, November 23, 2009


1. My roommates and I decorated our apartment for Christmas yesterday. I usually have a strict No-Christmas-until-after-Thanksgiving-rule. But this year, I let it slide.

2. I am currently obsessed with the music from the show Glee. The show itself is kind of eh but the music is phenomenal.

3. I recently discovered a site called My life is average, and have proceeded to waste much of my time on said site. It's hilarious.

4. My roommate Jamie and I bought Jimmer Fredette basketball jerseys on Friday to wear to the men's basketball games this season. If I could I would sleep in it. It's a sight to behold.

5. I skipped French class Thursday and Friday. Both for very good reasons. Thursday- lunch with the parents and Angela. Friday- a meeting with Offensive Coordinator Robert Anae. Very worth it.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

at long last

Team Captain Jackson Emery
BYU Men's Basketball is underway. We're 2-0 so far. With some good returning starters and two very talented freshman- it's going to be a great season.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

numero 27

image via espn.com
The Yankees won the World Series last night, 7-3. It was beautiful. I think they lost game 5 on purpose so they could win in NY. This is their 27th World Series win. And there's plenty more where that came from...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

a leap

earrings via here
Earrings like these really make me want to pierce my ears again. But after a bad experience the first go-round, I'm rather nervous. However, I think they are so feminine and beautiful and they can add so much to an outfit. I think I'm ready to take the leap...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

papa dunn

A week ago today my Grandpa Dunn died. Although not entirely sudden, it did throw me off a little. He'd been sick for about two years and sometimes he'd get a little worse but he always seemed to recover. However, after suffering another stroke he stopped eating, drinking or responding at all and last Tuesday around 10:00 am he passed away. It was fairly bittersweet. I am sad not to have either of my Dunn grandparents around anymore, and I am even sadder that Johnny and Joey won't know such fantastic grandparents. But I am happy that Grandpa was reunited with his wife and son as well as his parents and siblings who all preceded him in death. The funeral was surprisingly really good. It was fairly short, which is always nice, and it was great to hear my uncle's share some stories and memories. I am extremely grateful for such wonderful grandparents who raised such wonderful boys (one of which grew up to be my pops!) and although I'm sad that they're gone, I know that I'll see them again, and for that I am so grateful.


BYU is doing construction- right outside my office. The noise is deafening and obnoxious. I think I might go crazy. Seriously. If I weren't a student employee, I would have left long ago.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


I'm going through a crisis of sorts. I won't graduate until April 2011 (which is a crisis in, and of itself) but I have every semester planned out until graduation. My schedule is jam packed full of English and education classes. I made the mistake of looking through all the English courses offered. I then proceed to look through the History and Political Science courses offered. I have concluded that I could be in school for a very long time. There are so, so many classes that I want to take. I have no time to take anything other than what I have to in order to graduate. I'm feeling quite sad about it. I really wish I had come to BYU knowing what I wanted to do. I could have graduated on time and I could've had time to take the classes that I'll never again get the chance to (including religion classes!) I'm quite bummed. I was trying to find a way to fit a minor of some sort in- history, psychology, or political science- but I can't. I wish I would've taken greater advantage of my opportunities here. I still have time I know, but there are so many things I let pass me by. Forums and devotionals I didn't go to, classes I didn't take, lectures I didn't attend. I won't really have these opportunities again, and I wish I had realized that sooner.