Tuesday, November 3, 2009

papa dunn

A week ago today my Grandpa Dunn died. Although not entirely sudden, it did throw me off a little. He'd been sick for about two years and sometimes he'd get a little worse but he always seemed to recover. However, after suffering another stroke he stopped eating, drinking or responding at all and last Tuesday around 10:00 am he passed away. It was fairly bittersweet. I am sad not to have either of my Dunn grandparents around anymore, and I am even sadder that Johnny and Joey won't know such fantastic grandparents. But I am happy that Grandpa was reunited with his wife and son as well as his parents and siblings who all preceded him in death. The funeral was surprisingly really good. It was fairly short, which is always nice, and it was great to hear my uncle's share some stories and memories. I am extremely grateful for such wonderful grandparents who raised such wonderful boys (one of which grew up to be my pops!) and although I'm sad that they're gone, I know that I'll see them again, and for that I am so grateful.

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Holly Dunn said...

I am really glad you could spend so much time with us that day. It was really special to have you there. Thank your boss for me!