Friday, July 30, 2010


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It makes me sad to see good looking people- in nice outfits no less- with a cigarette between their lips. It just ruins everything. It's so bizarre to me that people are still smoking these days. What are they thinking?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

on creativity

I am not a particularly creative person. It's just not really in my nature. And because of this I've never had a real desire to push the envelope and see how far my meager skills could take me. And yet, for my class this term (History of Creativity) they are requiring me to do just that- push the envelope. I have project that is worth 30% of my grade (!) due on Wednesday. We have to incorporate some aspect of what we've discussed this term and do so kind of creative project. Are you thinking that sounds vague? Me too. Therefore I have been left to wander aimlessly to try to dig into the depths of my creativity pool and find something to pull out and use. Being an English major- I decided to try my hand at poetry. I thought I would write a few different poems reflecting different styles of poets through time, while incorporating some modernity or some element from another poet. I thought of Wordsworth, Shakespeare and Whitman as my models. I think I kind of got the Wordsworth down- nature, beauty, romantic. Check. And now I am stuck on Shakespeare. Can I just say that man was a genius? Have you ever tried to write a sonnet? Oh my goodness- so hard. I don't even know where to begin! Between the rhyme scheme, iambic pentameter and the amount of syllables per line- I am back to wandering around in a haze of confusion. Whitman should be much easier- free verse and writing through observation about the average American. My next step is to take one picture representing each stanza of the poem I've written. I have this beautiful, romantic image in my head of how everything will all turn out- and I think I need to accept the fact that it will be nothing like what I envision. I'm an amateur photographer, and an even greater amateur (oxymoron?) poet. This is my first true attempt at poetry in my life. So wish me luck as I venture out on a limb and attempt my hand at the first truly creative feat (ie- something totally outside my comfort zone with the purpose of being intellectually and aesthetically pleasing).

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

birthday boy

This kid turns 17 today. CRAZY! They grow up so fast I tell ya. This boy (man?) is such a rock star. He's going to be Senior Class President this year (which he likes to remind us of occasionally) and he's on the football and track team and in the choir. What a well rounded kid! I didn't used to like hanging out with him- he's 5 years younger than I am and just seemed kind of annoying. But all these years later I've realized he's actually pretty cool. And now I quite enjoy hanging out with him. He's actually quite funny. So Babs- happy birthday kid! I love you!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

nerd alert

I am dying to see Howl. It's a movie about Allen Ginsburg. I randomly recently became rather interested in him and now I don't recall why or how. But I think James Franco will do a great job playing Ginsburg and I am very intrigued to learn more about his life and his work. Through the limited research I've done on Ginsburg I don't think he's my kind of guy- but that just kind of intrigues me more. I'm also fascinated by the fact that he was put on trial because his poem "Howl" was deemed to be vulgar and obscene. Thankfully the American justice system came through and he wasn't convicted. Regardless- I think it definitely says something about the stir he caused in America- in pop culture and in literary culture.

ps- You know you're an English nerd when you find yourself drawing comparisons between Allen Ginsburg and Walt Whitman- both in their writings, influence and lifestyle- and think it would be a fun and fascinating paper to research and write.

Friday, July 16, 2010

British Beatle Mania

My first memory of anything Beatles related is a poster that my cousin Chris (or maybe David?) had hanging in his room. During the summers my family would take vacations to Utah and stay with relatives. One summer we were staying at my Aunt Heather's and in the basement was a black poster with the words "The Beatles" on it (or at least if my memory serves me correctly). My cousin Alexis informed me that they were a band her brother was really into. Flash forward to my Freshman year in college. I am fortunate enough to room with Candace Mercer- a Beatles aficionado. She got me hooked. I had a negative opinion after hearing "Piggies" but she showed me the light and thus began my love affair with George, Paul, John and Ringo. I heard that Paul McCartney was coming to Utah and I knew that there was no way I could pass up this opportunity. I immediately called Candace and told her the news (of course she already knew) and told her we had to go. Her and her hubby Dan just celebrated their one year wedding anniversary and were going to celebrate but were kind enough to let me third-wheel it with them. Thanks guys! And for Candace's reminiscence of the evening go here. I've been counting down for a while now, and Tuesday the day had finally arrived and I, Jennifer Lynn Dunn saw Sir Paul McCartney live in concert at the Rio Tinto stadium in Sandy. Honestly, Candace's post sums things up pretty well- I love her highlight list and fully concur. But... I do have a few things to say.
-It was amazing! I saw 1/4 of the Beatles! Paul was there- in person. I saw him! And it wasn't on a movie, television or computer screen. It was with my own eyes. How awesome is that? I feel like I can't really describe my emotions besides pure excitement. I just loved it. It feels kind of like a dream now that I look back on it, like I can't believe it was real. It's weird. But I'm quite looking forward to telling my children about this. Hopefully they'll think I'm cool and not just old (because let's face it- by the time I have kids it's doubtful Paul and Ringo will still be around).
-My personal highlights: Blackbird- Paul on stage alone with an acoustic guitar and a spotlight. Beautiful. Live and Let Die- fireworks went off! It was insane. The crowd was so loud. Give Peace a Chance- everyone was on their feet repeating the phrase "All we are saying is, is give peace a chance." It was crazy to see so many people swaying back and forth repeating this powerful phrase. Hey Jude- one of my all time favorite Beatles songs. The whole crowd was singing along and it was epic.
If you want to know more, just ask. I have a huge journal entry I wrote the day after and I don't quite feel like typing it all again. But just know it was one of the greatest experiences ever and I am so glad I went and I'm happy I'll have this to look back on for the rest of my life.

one year older...

Little Johnny boy turns 2 today! I can't believe how fast they grow up. I fully remember getting the phone call from my dad while I was at work that they were on the way to the hospital for the little guy to be born, and then arguing over names with my brothers. And now he's 2! And he's walking and talking (kind of) and he's a little person. It's crazy I tell you! But he is such a cutie (unless he's throwing himself on the floor in the midst of a tantrum- which is one of the reasons I'm happy I can come and go as I please). He can point out every member of our family when asked their name, his favorite words are no, juice, dad and mom (the last of which is always yelled. it's a great source of amusement). Happy birthday little guy, I sure love you.

Friday, July 9, 2010

it's on its way

I applied for a passport yesterday. It should arrive August 19. I'm excited to finally have one in my possession after all these years. I have no travel plans as of yet, but it's always good to be prepared. I technically got this for Christmas- it's just taken me 7 months to actually apply for it. Thanks mom!