Sunday, July 25, 2010

nerd alert

I am dying to see Howl. It's a movie about Allen Ginsburg. I randomly recently became rather interested in him and now I don't recall why or how. But I think James Franco will do a great job playing Ginsburg and I am very intrigued to learn more about his life and his work. Through the limited research I've done on Ginsburg I don't think he's my kind of guy- but that just kind of intrigues me more. I'm also fascinated by the fact that he was put on trial because his poem "Howl" was deemed to be vulgar and obscene. Thankfully the American justice system came through and he wasn't convicted. Regardless- I think it definitely says something about the stir he caused in America- in pop culture and in literary culture.

ps- You know you're an English nerd when you find yourself drawing comparisons between Allen Ginsburg and Walt Whitman- both in their writings, influence and lifestyle- and think it would be a fun and fascinating paper to research and write.


Candace said...

plus john hamm from mad men looks like he's going to be in it! it does look like a good one.

amy said...

Jenny! I've been having this weird obsession with Allen Ginsburg recently and I didn't even know about this movie.

There's an exhibit at the National Gallery of Art of all of Ginsburg's photos. They are beautiful! Him and all the beat writers. You would love it, Jenny. I almost bought the $50 coffee table book I loved it so much.

Matt Heder said...

I drove the Director and producer of Howl at Sundance and they were huge jerks, truly. They were the mean type of gay guys, the worst ones, ha ha. But cmon mean gay guys, ya they exist and these two guys were them!