Tuesday, March 17, 2009

every morning i wake up....

... and for some reason I always wake up late. Now, it's not lie that I love my sleep. I have a special talent where I can fall asleep any time, any where (literally). However, in years past I've always been so good at getting up right when my alarm goes off and getting out of bed and being productive. So what gives? Why all of the sudden am I such a bum who pushes the snooze button 3 times (sadly, 3 is the correct number) before I lug myself out of bed?!? Now mind you, I am never late for school; I always get up perfectly in time to get myself ready for school. An hour and half before class starts to be precise. But with the end of the semester drawing quickly to a close I have a lot on my plate. I used to be a morning person- I could never stay up late and be productive so I'd go to bed early-ish and wake up early and get my work done. Now it seems I'm neither a morning person nor a night person. I can't wake up early and I can't stay up late. So I ask you- what is the solution? Should I set my alarm on the other side of the room to ensure that I get out of bed? Because it's not a matter of sleeping through my alarm; I wake up each time it goes off, but then I promptly fall back asleep after hitting the miracle snooze button. Is this just a sign of old age (I'm only 20 p.s. but maybe I'm already going downhill?!) or is there something to be done? I certainly hope the latter because I still have two years of college to look forward to, not to mention a career and eventually motherhood. Help!

Monday, March 16, 2009

And I'm supposed to be an English major!

May I please correct myself? As soon as I clicked "Publish Post" I noticed that I misspelled the word "to". It should be two. I promise I'm smart and I got into college on my own merits.

my wish

I really want to things right now:
A. a laptop
B. the perfect summer dress

The second I am in immediate search of. I haven't gone shopping since Christmas and now that warm weather is upon us (hopefully for good) I am itching for shorts, skirts and dresses. I saw this girl on campus who I wanted to take a picture of. Her outfit was cute and screamed of Spring. I'm searching to mix up my style a little and experiment. If anyone has any advice on where to look, leave me know.
The first, is my summer goal. This is what I am going to be saving for. The other day I was in the library and I looked around me and everyone (almost literally) had a laptop out. I was the only one using the good old fashioned method of pen and paper. I think I need to join with the rest of the people in this movement. (is that some weird form of peer pressure). I'm feeling sadly left out.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Things of My Soul

I've decided to start posting things that speak to me- in multiple ways. This is the new Killers song, it's called Human. I love it! The music video is pretty okay, but the words are fabulous. Enjoy!


Saturday, March 7, 2009

You are a lucky duck

Dr. Matt Holland was just named the new President of UVU. If you plan on attending UVU or currently go there you are one lucky duck. He is amazing! I have had the pleasure of taking classes from him and working with him in the American Heritage Department. Yesterday afternoon me, and a bunch of TA's and other people in my office were crowded around my computer watching the press conference live where they were set to make the announcement. We all thought that he would be chosen, and he was. This is kind of dissapointment for the American Heritage department which he's been such an advocate of but he is brilliant and passionate and I know he will be fabulous at UVU. Those students don't yet know how lucky they are. I'm sad for myself however, and all the BYU students who will miss out on the wonderful opportunity to take a class from him, especially American Heritage. I wanted to try to take one more class from him before I graduate but I guess that won't be happening now. But congrats to Matt!