Saturday, March 7, 2009

You are a lucky duck

Dr. Matt Holland was just named the new President of UVU. If you plan on attending UVU or currently go there you are one lucky duck. He is amazing! I have had the pleasure of taking classes from him and working with him in the American Heritage Department. Yesterday afternoon me, and a bunch of TA's and other people in my office were crowded around my computer watching the press conference live where they were set to make the announcement. We all thought that he would be chosen, and he was. This is kind of dissapointment for the American Heritage department which he's been such an advocate of but he is brilliant and passionate and I know he will be fabulous at UVU. Those students don't yet know how lucky they are. I'm sad for myself however, and all the BYU students who will miss out on the wonderful opportunity to take a class from him, especially American Heritage. I wanted to try to take one more class from him before I graduate but I guess that won't be happening now. But congrats to Matt!

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Cam said...

Sounds exciting and promising for UVU.