Tuesday, March 17, 2009

every morning i wake up....

... and for some reason I always wake up late. Now, it's not lie that I love my sleep. I have a special talent where I can fall asleep any time, any where (literally). However, in years past I've always been so good at getting up right when my alarm goes off and getting out of bed and being productive. So what gives? Why all of the sudden am I such a bum who pushes the snooze button 3 times (sadly, 3 is the correct number) before I lug myself out of bed?!? Now mind you, I am never late for school; I always get up perfectly in time to get myself ready for school. An hour and half before class starts to be precise. But with the end of the semester drawing quickly to a close I have a lot on my plate. I used to be a morning person- I could never stay up late and be productive so I'd go to bed early-ish and wake up early and get my work done. Now it seems I'm neither a morning person nor a night person. I can't wake up early and I can't stay up late. So I ask you- what is the solution? Should I set my alarm on the other side of the room to ensure that I get out of bed? Because it's not a matter of sleeping through my alarm; I wake up each time it goes off, but then I promptly fall back asleep after hitting the miracle snooze button. Is this just a sign of old age (I'm only 20 p.s. but maybe I'm already going downhill?!) or is there something to be done? I certainly hope the latter because I still have two years of college to look forward to, not to mention a career and eventually motherhood. Help!


Cam said...

Wow! Blog posting on three consecutive days! I'm im-pressed!.

The secret to getting up early is getting to bed early! :) If your body says it needs more sleep, try to oblige. If you want to develop good habits, putting the alarm clock on the other side of the room might help, but signing up for early morning institute classes may force the issue. ;)
On the other hand, you could just cheat and set your alarm early enough to enjoy 3 snooze button hits and STILL get up when you really intended.

Holly Dunn said...

Jenny, I LOVE your new bright, fun-filled, spring-ish look to your blog! Very cheery! Hey, good luck with finding the perfect spring dress. Now, I want one too! And, yes, I received your e-mail about the lap-top, I just never responded to it. (Does ignoring it make it go away??? I didn't realize YOU were saving up for one, I took it as a hint for US to get you one. OH THE PRESSURE!!!) And yes, you should try putting the alarm on the other side of the room. Parker has had the same problem. Sad to say, it is a problem for ALL ages!
Love you!