Monday, March 16, 2009

my wish

I really want to things right now:
A. a laptop
B. the perfect summer dress

The second I am in immediate search of. I haven't gone shopping since Christmas and now that warm weather is upon us (hopefully for good) I am itching for shorts, skirts and dresses. I saw this girl on campus who I wanted to take a picture of. Her outfit was cute and screamed of Spring. I'm searching to mix up my style a little and experiment. If anyone has any advice on where to look, leave me know.
The first, is my summer goal. This is what I am going to be saving for. The other day I was in the library and I looked around me and everyone (almost literally) had a laptop out. I was the only one using the good old fashioned method of pen and paper. I think I need to join with the rest of the people in this movement. (is that some weird form of peer pressure). I'm feeling sadly left out.

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