Friday, August 27, 2010

an introduction

Meet my current crushShe & Him. They're brilliant. Zooey Deschanel is my idol- she is darling. I want to dress just like her. I saw them in concert on Thursday in SLC (for free!) at the Twilight Concert Series. The music was great. The smoking, the beer drinking and the b.o- not so much.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

remember when?

dear friend,

remember when we went mini-golfing and I beat you, but you wouldn't admit it to anyone because you hate to lose? remember when we took a trip to san francisco, and we made you our designated driver? remember when alisa drove on the way back and almost killed us all? remember when we went to Stan's and you lied to me about breaking up with your girlfriend, and a week later she dumped you? remember when we went to the haunted house and i hid behind you the entire time because the scary man wouldn't leave me alone? remember when you dated my sister? remember when i bought you a byu shirt for your birthday because i refused to let you sit by me at sporting events without it? remember when we went to a jazz game and the only thing i really cared about was kyle korver and you got really annoyed? remember when we went to your cabin and went canoeing? or when jason got attacked by the humming bird, and then he tried to ride a motorcycle and failed miserably? remember when we decided to pick some names off the angel tree and all the kids wanted were bratz dolls? remember when you tried to convince me to sell you my killers ticket when i'd been waiting for 3 months to go to the concert? remember when you dated one of my best friends? remember when we used to have movie nights every weekend? remember when we played basketball in your pool? remember when neither of us wanted to go to jeff's reception alone so we agreed to go together, but then you ditched me and left me alone to talk to that weird man at our table? remember when we all went to boondocks? remember when jamie and i crashed your apartment last year because we were homeless- and you made us breakfast?

i do. and now you're married. and i think your wife is really nice. but it's kinda weird because you're my first really good guy friend to get married. and i'm kinda sad that we won't be able to hang out anymore. but congratulations- and i really hope you two are very happy.


Monday, August 23, 2010


dear weather,
today you are perfect. absolutely perfect. i wish you would stay this way- sun shining, a few puffy clouds lingering in the sky and a slight coolness in the air.

dear future roommates,
please be nice. and clean. but i'd take nice over clean. and i'd take normal over both of them.

dear parents of incoming freshman,
please stop calling me and telling me your child's life story- it's irrelevant. just ask me your question and let me give you an answer. a ten minute phone call is unnecessary.

dear summer,
why are you almost over?! i've so enjoyed you- and i've taken advantage of you. if you promise to last a little bit longer i promise it won't happen again.

dear friends,
please stop getting married. it's no fun being single when you don't have friends to play with.

dear roger federer,
i hope you win the us open- i'll be cheering for you. and if possible, could you please play nadal in the final? i think that would be amazing.

dear byu football,
please hurry and make up your mind. are you going independent or staying in the MWC? i don't really care- just please choose.

jenny lynn

boquets of sharpened pencils

I've been procrastinating this post for about a month. I initially wanted to write about back to school with the onset of August. But now it's nearly September and school begins one week from today. My last real semester of college. My last semester of classes. My last real semester on BYU campus. I'm rather sad. Yet at the same time I'm itching to move on and do my student teaching and graduate. But I love BYU. I am so glad that I chose to come to school here!

So here's a little overview of my BYU education/experience to date:
Favorite professors: Matt Holland, Dennis Cutchins, Deborah Dean
Favorite class(es): American Heritage (Holland) and Literature & Film (Cutchins)
Least favorite class: French!
Number of roommates: 32
Number of apartments: 5
Number of jobs: 3- Candy counter, Writing Fellow, American Heritage Secretary

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

happy friday

After a week of blog stalking/internet surfing- here's a list of things I love.

The above picture makes me want to get married in NYC via this blog

Dying to travel to France and stay here

This scratch map is genius!

Did you know Zupas has a blog? Full of delicious menu ideas!

Love this NYT article about happiness v materialism

These pictures of America circa 1939-1941 are amazing

What You Don't See- brilliant article.

Dying for these two swimsuits

These clutches via Kate Spade are genius (and expensive!)

How to get out of a rut via Marta

Monday, August 16, 2010

pearls are a girls best friend

I've never really been a fan of wedding rings. Well- that's not entirely true. I just think they're a complete waste of money- especially since you're usually poor when you first get married. Why waste needed money on a ring that just sits on your finger? Plus I kinda don't really like diamonds. Weird huh? Therefore I've always just wanted a plain band. Something that shows I'm married but that's cheap. Until- I saw this beauty. Isn't in gorgeous? I love the pearl- it's unique which I love and simple.

The picture is from this engagement session by Matt Clayton. (Love his work!)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Friday, August 6, 2010

i swoon

Lately I've been thinking about the future- what my life will be like (since it's turned out nothing like I had previously envisioned), where I will live, what I'll be doing, what my house will look like etc.

If I get married and decide to have a reception I want it to be just like
this. Fun- relaxed- and light! And I want the bride's dress. Beautiful, elegant and simple.

One thing I have to have in my home- at some point in time- is a library (or book shelves) full of beautiful books of different sizes, languages and colors. And I am simply loving this
one. (And pretty much all of these and these)

I am dying to travel
here (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants anybody?)

If I have kids I'd want a nursery just like this- I love the Red Balloon movie poster.

And have grown up parties like
these (scroll down to the bottom)

And throw my daughter parties like this.

Anything is possible. Right?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

a lovely surprise

my friend kirsten works at the lost and found on campus. yesterday i received the most wonderful phone call from her. i all began three months ago ....
i was walking across campus by the JFSB/HBLL quad running some errands for work. i looked down and lo and behold there was a $10 bill on the ground. i stooped down to pick it up and looked around to see if someone nearby may have lost it. no one was around so i made a quick stop at the lost and found office to turn it in and they said to leave my name and number in case no one claimed it. three months later (!) the money totally forgotten i receive a phone call from the lovely kirsten informing me that the money was never claimed and therefore it's mine! how awesome is that? free money?! i'll take it! i've actually already spent all but $1 already- i went to dinner with some friends- $7, got photos developed- $1 (+ some change), bought a bagel- $1. free money? priceless. seriously- it totally made my day. although now that i think about it i kind of feel bad because that means someone out there is out $10 and that's a bummer for them. but i guess i'll count my blessings :)