Tuesday, August 24, 2010

remember when?

dear friend,

remember when we went mini-golfing and I beat you, but you wouldn't admit it to anyone because you hate to lose? remember when we took a trip to san francisco, and we made you our designated driver? remember when alisa drove on the way back and almost killed us all? remember when we went to Stan's and you lied to me about breaking up with your girlfriend, and a week later she dumped you? remember when we went to the haunted house and i hid behind you the entire time because the scary man wouldn't leave me alone? remember when you dated my sister? remember when i bought you a byu shirt for your birthday because i refused to let you sit by me at sporting events without it? remember when we went to a jazz game and the only thing i really cared about was kyle korver and you got really annoyed? remember when we went to your cabin and went canoeing? or when jason got attacked by the humming bird, and then he tried to ride a motorcycle and failed miserably? remember when we decided to pick some names off the angel tree and all the kids wanted were bratz dolls? remember when you tried to convince me to sell you my killers ticket when i'd been waiting for 3 months to go to the concert? remember when you dated one of my best friends? remember when we used to have movie nights every weekend? remember when we played basketball in your pool? remember when neither of us wanted to go to jeff's reception alone so we agreed to go together, but then you ditched me and left me alone to talk to that weird man at our table? remember when we all went to boondocks? remember when jamie and i crashed your apartment last year because we were homeless- and you made us breakfast?

i do. and now you're married. and i think your wife is really nice. but it's kinda weird because you're my first really good guy friend to get married. and i'm kinda sad that we won't be able to hang out anymore. but congratulations- and i really hope you two are very happy.


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