Wednesday, August 4, 2010

a lovely surprise

my friend kirsten works at the lost and found on campus. yesterday i received the most wonderful phone call from her. i all began three months ago ....
i was walking across campus by the JFSB/HBLL quad running some errands for work. i looked down and lo and behold there was a $10 bill on the ground. i stooped down to pick it up and looked around to see if someone nearby may have lost it. no one was around so i made a quick stop at the lost and found office to turn it in and they said to leave my name and number in case no one claimed it. three months later (!) the money totally forgotten i receive a phone call from the lovely kirsten informing me that the money was never claimed and therefore it's mine! how awesome is that? free money?! i'll take it! i've actually already spent all but $1 already- i went to dinner with some friends- $7, got photos developed- $1 (+ some change), bought a bagel- $1. free money? priceless. seriously- it totally made my day. although now that i think about it i kind of feel bad because that means someone out there is out $10 and that's a bummer for them. but i guess i'll count my blessings :)

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