Friday, August 6, 2010

i swoon

Lately I've been thinking about the future- what my life will be like (since it's turned out nothing like I had previously envisioned), where I will live, what I'll be doing, what my house will look like etc.

If I get married and decide to have a reception I want it to be just like
this. Fun- relaxed- and light! And I want the bride's dress. Beautiful, elegant and simple.

One thing I have to have in my home- at some point in time- is a library (or book shelves) full of beautiful books of different sizes, languages and colors. And I am simply loving this
one. (And pretty much all of these and these)

I am dying to travel
here (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants anybody?)

If I have kids I'd want a nursery just like this- I love the Red Balloon movie poster.

And have grown up parties like
these (scroll down to the bottom)

And throw my daughter parties like this.

Anything is possible. Right?


Em said...

Possible, yes.
But every single thing on that list costs money.
Lots of money, actually.
And I'm learning it's best to keep one's daydreams from all being expensive. Because in real life not everybody agrees that those are the best things to spend one's money on.

I still think it's important, but since I'm not the one MAKING any money, I can't very well be too rebellious.

Holly Dunn said...

Jenny--I love you and your ideas! Dream big girl!!! :)