Saturday, January 22, 2011

some new discoveries

1. J Crew Outlet online. It's amazing. The past two weeks have been an additional 40% off sale items so I've been getting a steal. The key is to check on Friday so the colors and sizes you want are still available. The outlet online is only available on the weekends though- but I spent $45 total (including shipping- stupid shipping) for two shirts and a cardigan. Lovely.

2. The Big Bang Theory. It's basically a tv show about a bunch of super geniuses- but it's hilarious. Jim Parsons is a brilliant actor. He won the Golden Globe this year for best actor in comedy series. This is why I love this show (embedding has been disabled- sorry!).

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

new goal

One of my new life goals is to eat at all the places on Black*Eiffel's list. They all look delicious and I love trying new places. I have eaten at Pizzeria 712 and it is divine. I have tried nearly all of their pizzas and love them all. And I have been dying to eat at Commual- there are few really unique restaurants in Provo, so I like trying them when they do pop up. Anyone want to join me on my new found quest?