Monday, July 16, 2007

Just Another Manic Monday

Mondays- how I despise them! I have been at the happiest place on earth for the last week. I'm sure you're thinking Disneyland, but I am here to tell you that Disneyland is not the happiest place on Earth (shocker I know!) it is actually Lake Powell. It's not only fun but it's so beautiful. So, as previously stated I have been at Powell for the last week and today I had to face the real world of work again. It's amazing how after only a week you can feel dazed and out of the loop. I wondered around for a while trying to catch by bearings (ok that's a lie, but it sounds good right?!) but seriously, I felt like it was my first day all over again. Wierd. On a happy note, I am pleased to announce that I am getting a pay raise! Sure it's only 25 cents and it doesn't kick in until the end of August, but every little bit helps when you're in college with your own bills to pay!

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Anonymous said...

Cool. I was in Lake Powell last week... I wonder if we met ;)