Monday, May 19, 2008

The Winds of Change Are Blowing

I've never been one who's enjoyed change- at least not significant changes. It's hard when you're counting on something or you're holding on to something and then suddenly it changes. Also, it's amazing how quickly things can change- a matter of a day or even minutes. I feel like I'm standing still while everyone and everything around me is changing. I suppose that's a large part of growing up but I don't like it. I'm also discovering that boys are a large part of this change. I always thought about getting married and dating and what it would be like, but I never stopped to consider what would happen when all my friends got boyfriends and leave me to be the lone ranger. It's kind of a bummer, and I'm itching to go somewhere or do something significant with my summer. If everyone is moving forward with their lives I should too! Any ideas?
PS Sorry if these ideas seem random- in my head they're all connected. :)


Anonymous said...

At least one thing is constant: Your mom and dad love you, and think you are wonderful!!!

Katie May said...

not random. I remember feeling that way. And yet, over time you're changing too, and one day you'll realize you're already in a completely different spot. Wishing you a "meaningful" summer break from school!

Em said...

My 2 cents... GO somewhere.
You are SO at the perfect time of life to do some traveling, and if you look around there are tons of opportunities just for students. It will never be easier or cheaper than it is now, and you learn a lot about yourself when you deal with yourself in a totally new environment.
You don't need an excuse or a reason to go, but it helps to find a program or something that either helps structure your time, keeps your costs down, or even better pays you to do something in a new place.

Trust me, it is SO hard to have experiences like that later in life, and they totally help you find your identity and figure out who you really are.

Cam said...

Beginning with High School graduation, life shifts into a whole new gear of continuous change. Many previous friendships seem to fade away as people move, pursue different goals, change into different orbits with jobs, school, relationships, moving away from home, etc. Sometimes it seems that you loose both old and new friends faster than you can make them. One minute you're best buds with someone, then they get engaged and are super busy with wedding plans and then- POOF- they're gone. It can be a rough time emotionally, especially if it feels like you're the one being left in the dust while everyone else moves on to seemingly bigger and better things.

I agree with Em in the sense that doing something new that helps you gain a different perspective of the world and the opportunities that await you can help expose you to new things that can help you decide what you want out of life. I'm not so sure that traveling itself helps you "figure out who you really are", but it can be nice to see new and exotic places, but with the high co$t of travel these days, perhaps doing something different locally that will enable you to interact with a different group of people may accomplish the same thing. Explore options that are in your own backyard, so to speak. You don't have to travel half way around the world to have a great summer. Besides, you've already had expose to different countries and cultures by living in New York and England. As most folks who travel will tell you- theres no place like home! Try some volunteer work doing something you'd like to learn more about or for a cause you care about. There's nothing like serving those less fortunate then yourself to help put life in perspective. You're going to have a new sibling to get to know in the near future.

Anonymous said...

I love Emily's advice. If traveling sounds interesting, I'd definitely go for it!
I remember especially feeling this way in High School. As my friends would get boyfriends, it became apparent that I wasn't as important to them as I thought I was. The one thing that will come between best friends is boys!
But you aren't talking about High School, this is the big league...marriage. My advice is to try to realize that everyone has a different path. Keep your mind open to the possibility of marriage, but move forward with a life that is fulfilling to you. Getting married does not preclude you from having dreams. So dream. You will want them now...and later. Find ways to serve. It gives your life a sense of meaning that nothing else can. In other words when you can't figure out what to do with your own life, make someone else's better and yours will automatically follow.