Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Happy Thursday

Today was a good day! First, I went to Olive Garden for the $5.95 unlimited soup, salad and bread sticks (highly recommend it- such a steal!) with two of my wonderful friends, then I went to work where I saw Bronco Mendenhall! That's right, I, Jennifer Lynn Dunn saw- in person- the head coach of the BYU football team. Probably one of the greatest moments ever- right there next to helping LaVell Edwards at the candy counter (he bought a pound of chocolate cinnamon bears, in case you were wondering). Then, to top off this fabulous day- the Boston Celtics achieved the greatest come back in NBA finals history and came back to beat the LA Lakers 97-91. The first half was a little sketchy, and I had my doubts but the Celtics played an amazing second half and Paul Pierce had an amazing defensive game and shut Kobe down. The perfect ending to a great day. And tomorrow is Friday- even better!


Anonymous said...

You are so cute!!! I love you!!! Hopefully, you'll have many more happy days to come this summer!
Love ya!

samunwritten said...

Well, hello dear. You have been tagged.
Please report to my blog for your assignment.

Cam said...

I want you to know that I was rooting for the Celtics (even though I live in So. Cal) and was thrilled with their win.

Your experiences with celebrities reminds of the an experience a few months ago when Nancy Pelosi (the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives) disembarked a plane I was waiting to board and walked right by me so close that there was not room for a suitcase between us. No Secret Service (unless they were REALLY secret), just some local police waiting for her and some aides who flew with he.