Wednesday, March 30, 2011

i so dearly love to laugh

I love funny things. I highly doubt there is anyone who does not. And if there is, that would be incredibly sad. That being said, I think everyone has a slightly different sense of humor. But I've recently stumbled upon The Jolly Porter blog, and I feel I must share. It you appreciate sarcasm, then you'll love it. The author is actually the brother of Nie nie and Cjane. I think their family may just be taking over the blogging world. But there have been multiple posts where I find myself actually laughing out loud- which is rare. Usually if I read something funny I'll just give a slight smile or just think it's funny it my head. But you know something is really funny when you find yourself alone, laughing out loud. So read it.

Another blog I love is Rabbit in the Headlights. It's written by my friend Kinsey and Taryn's aunt, and Taryn turned me on to it. She's brilliant. One of her recent posts about her celebrity handcart company was hilarious. And very innovative. I appreciate that in a blog.

Also, if you haven't yet watched the darling Youtube video The tragedy of first position. Do it. It's so cute.

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Taryn Davis said...

Oh my gosh that little girl is so cute!