Friday, September 7, 2007


Do you ever wish that you could force someone to make the right choice? I know we all have the right to choose for ourselves, but sometimes I wish that I could do someones thinking for them and by doing so, have them come to the right conclusion. It's so disappointing when people you love make a choice that you know will ultimately lead them (to quote star wars) "down a path I can't follow" and don't want to follow. Why can't people just be good all the time and do what's expected of them and live up to their potential gosh darn it?!


Em said...

Well, you have to grapple with that thought a heckuva whole lot before you're even close to "ready" to be a parent.

Lucky for me, I grew up with Matthew. I'm quite familiar with that struggle.

Cam said...

Dear Jenny,

This is one of the hardest (and sometimes most painful) lessons of life. People with the perspective of the likely consequences of choices wish that they could spare those they love from making bad choices and incurring the damaging results. This holds true among friends, but even more so for parents who are sometimes powerless to prevent their children from making choices that will bring sorrow, regret, and sometimes a lifetime of consequences. Yet, the gift of agency is such a prized and integral part of the Plan of Salvation that a war was fought in heaven over this very issue, with the staggering casualty rate of 33%. Father Lehi taught his posterity that there must needs be opposition in all things. So, hang in there Jenny. You have a good family and a testimony of the Gospel.

Uncle Cameron