Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

So I really should be working on a paper that's due tomorrow, but I don't really want to! People (and by people, I mean those not from Utah) at BYU are always complaining about how boring Provo is and how sheltered and conservative the people are. But I want to say that I like it! You make your own fun and if you look hard enough there are so many cool places that are little hidden treasures. This past weekend my roommates and I plus some guys we know went to downtown Provo and did an art gallery stroll which apparently takes place the first Friday of every month. It was so neat! There are a bunch of local artists, many of whom are still in school, who display their art in local shops and galleries. One of the artists was Jason Metcalf, who did some really interesting work that you can check out at his web site. Not only did we discover new artists and different forms of art but there were so many cool little shops that we found that had vintage clothes and accessories and just fun little finds. We also discovered this great taco shop called Diego's -SO GOOD! I love college, I'm just sad that homework and tests get in the way of my fun! Don't get me wrong, I love to learn but I'm slowly loosing my motivation to study and do well. Luckily there's the weekend! I'll try to keep you updated on other cool finds.


Em said...

I agree, and I MISS IT.
Definitely check out
they are constantly posting cool things in/about Utah!

Em said...

p.s. glad to see you posting again!

Cam said...

Yeah Jenny! Thank you for posting again so those of us pesky people who are NOT from Provo now know a little bit about some of the fun things going on in your life. Try to post sooner than the 5 month gap between your last posts. ;)