Tuesday, April 7, 2009

WOW (word of the week)

Exhibit A: My friend Spencer at our ward's Oscar Night

schmooze: [shmooz]

a charming, suave, sweet talkin' man

Note: This is mine and my friend Jamie's new favorite word. We use it as often as possible. Mostly in referrence to good lookin boys who know how to convince girls to do whatever they ask. Start testing it out- you'll love it!
(In other interest- the word schoomze actually means idle chatter or gossip- but I like my definition better)


Katie May said...

Shmooze, I like it! And holy moly! You are looking more and more like your mom (minus the mysterious dirt you're covered in)!

Cam said...

For your April 7th blog entry I was expecting your feelings about the retirement of the