Tuesday, September 15, 2009

this one is called avoidance

I can't do it. I'm not back in my "school mode" at all and I don't really know how to rectify it. I have yet to do any real homework. I've done some homework sporadically and mostly just between other things- such as classes, or naps (ok, that naps part is a total lie- I only wish I had time for naps). I think part of my problem is that I'm busy literally every second from 8am-5pm. When I'm done with classes and work, I don't really want to do anything else- I just want to watch me some Seinfeld and relax. So, as we speak I'm avoiding doing my French homework, and have been for the past three hours. What have I been doing? I really have no idea, but for some reason I find it much better than homework. Although I think tomorrow, when French class rolls around, I'll be regretting my decision.
On a happy note- for my education class I have the opportunity to go into schools and observe teachers and work with them to learn what being a teacher is really like. I've been at Centennial Middle School for a week and I'll be there for about two more. I've taught twice and I LOVE IT! I definitely chose the right major. Those 8th graders are such a hoot and I love hearing all their ideas and comments. In two weeks I'll move up to Lone Peak High School. I'm thinking I'm going to end up preferring middle school- it's just such a great age. But only time will tell.
On a sad note- my beloved Federer lost the men's US Open tournament to some 20 year old from Argentina. Normally I love the underdog, but there's just something about Roger that keeps pulling me in. He hasn't lost in 5 years, and he took defeat very well, therefore, I still love him.

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