Wednesday, February 17, 2010

random thoughts on a wednesday afternoon

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  • I have found two new books to add to my reading list. I Feel Bad About My Neck by Nora Ephron (read an interesting review here) and The Possessed by Elif Batuman (read the NYT review here). Both look fantastic and I'm excited to get my hands on them.
  • Speaking of good books- I had to read The Things They Carried (warning: there is a lot of language) and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn for two different classes. Both were very good reads- in two very different ways. Some people's talent amazes me.
  • I am dying for spring/summer. I am longing to wear dresses and skirts and flipflops and open toed shoes and light jackets- or no jackets. I wore capri pants today in hopes of eliciting some aspect of spring into this February day- but to no avail.
  • My married BFF Candace and I have decided to do the Rex Lee Run this year. It's one of those things you have to do before graduating from BYU. I'm trying to come up with a list of others things I need to do before graduating and leaving Provo. A year seems like so much time, but it's really not.
  • I really need to find a place to live next year. Angela and I are going to live together- we just have yet to determine where that will be.
  • I finally achieved one of my college goals and got a Provo Library card. And let me tell you, I'm lovin' it. I love libraries and I love being inside the Provo Library. I think it's gorgeous. If I get married and have a reception- I would love to have it here.
  • I'm getting my tax returns back soonish and I'm trying to decide what to buy. Most of the money is going to pay my spring/summer/fall tuition, but I do want to get something fun/for myself (besides an education of course). I'm leaning towards a Northface jacket. Thoughts?


amy said...

ok i want to read that book by Nora Ephron too. I know nothing about it but...sleepless in seattle is my fav movie so.

I'm running the Rex lee Run!!!! only 5k though. can we run it together?

how do you do taxes? are you getting your returns for THIS year?

northface--do it.

Natalie said...

First of all, I LOVE a Tree Grows in Brooklyn. My Dad gave me that book right before we moved to NY. Oh what a special place in my heart it holds now.

Second of all, I want spring too! Totally understand about the open-toed shoes/dresses/skirts longing.

Third, I want to run with you too! When is it?!

Fourth, how did you get a library card?! I've been dying to do that for ages, I just never knew how!

Lastly (I apologize. I guess I just had a lot to say), I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Northface. Totally worth the money. I'm trying to convince David to let me get a sewing machine, but no luck on that. Northfaces are AMAZING.

Love you girl!

Em said...

Statistically speaking, money only makes people happier when they spend it on experiences, not things.

That's my tax-return advice.