Monday, March 22, 2010

it's about that time

this is about the time of year where i begin to question everything. today in my teaching writing class i began a silent freak-out. what on earth am i doing with my life? i want to be a teacher? a teacher?! what makes me think kids will listen to me or care what i have to say? i don't know enough to be a teacher! (yes, yes- i know that's why i'm in college- beside the point). i don't know anything about teaching! i don't know how to write effective lesson plans, or writing prompts. or how to grade student's papers. how am i supposed to make my students see that writing and reading is important? why is reading and writing important? i've somehow completely lost sight of that. i don't really see a purpose to my future or my future career at least. why should my students read To Kill a Mockingbird? why should they write research papers? i don't know! what am i doing?!

ps- thank you for allowing me to freak out. expressing the thoughts always helps somewhat.

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Em said...

Just wait till you hit the post-graduation freak-out. That one's SUPER fun!