Wednesday, March 24, 2010

thoughts on the future

Honestly, motherhood is not something I've ever really looked forward to. When asked what I want to be, never has my answer been "a mom". I'm not quite sure I can explain it, but only on very rare occasions have I actually been excited about the possibility of being a mother. It's one of those battles I'm constantly waging within myself. However, on my cousin Emily's blog she has been featuring posts about The Proclamation on the Family (see my guest post here). I was reading through them today and part of this post struck me really hard:

"The prophets have called the nurturing of my daughter a sacred responsibility. Indeed, it is not only important, it is the most important thing I will ever do. And while the way I fulfill my responsibility to the world has changed, the importance and impact of what I do has not. In my own quiet way, day by day, I am changing the world by giving myself to my family. I am thankful for my own very capable mother who taught me this by example, and for modern prophets who articulate the principle so beautifully. If I do my job well, I can build people who will also change the world for good. Who will learn that they have a responsibility to those around them. Although I don’t get to travel to distant lands to do my work, what I have to do is more than enough. And that fulfills me."

What great insights! She has alleviated some of my concerns and expressed the purpose and joys of motherhood in such an insightful way. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to constantly be learning and improving myself- especially through the examples of others.

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Em said...

Oh good! If this is all my series accomplishes, it will be enough!