Tuesday, June 15, 2010

one year older, and wiser too

Marshall is officially 20 years old! CRAZY! The family (minus John and Angela) went to dinner at Red Robin and then to Comedy Sportz.

So we took 3 pictures- hence my fake smile.

Happy birthday Bud! It was fun to spend time with the family- it was just a bummer Angela couldn't be there.


Katie May said...

Happy Birthday, Marshall! Thanks for letting us borrow Angela, too.

Angela said...

You're such a babe. Your hair looks so cute! How'd you do it?
It looks like I missed out on quite the party- thanks for missing me too!

Gail said...

What a goooood looookin family!! You guys are awesome! Wish we lived closer.
Gail & Rich

Cam said...

Joseph looks RAD in sunglasses..even if HE can't see a thing while wearing them indoors. ;)