Wednesday, June 2, 2010

a thousand words

I thought I'd let the pictures do the talking...
We hit up Bruges in Salt Lake on Thursday for some frites and waffles

I got mine with strawberries and cream- so delicious!

Then on the way back we stopped at IKEA!

The beds look really comfy- so I got a running start...

Friday I took work off and Candace, Kristen, Jamie and I went to Gourmandise Bakery and then hit up the Gateway for some serious shopping. It was such a fun afternoon- I love these girls!

Showing off my delicious croissant pudding. We all got our desserts to go but decided we couldn't wait and ate them in the car in the parking lot!

Jamie's pastry was a masterpiece- it was called a peach and was filled with cream and peach syrup. Delicious!

On Memorial Day I went home and spent the afternoon with my family at the park playing tennis, then we went home and had a BBQ and watched The Incredibles.

Joseph is such a hoot. I just loved that kid. And Marshall and Babs are pretty cool too.

It was a completely wonderful long weekend. Filled with lots of good food, fun, friends and family. Just what a girl needs to be happy. A few other unpictured highlights- Saturday Jamie and I went and got frozen yogurt and went to the local elementary school and went swinging and read our books on the grass- perfection. Sunday was my cousin Issac's farewell so we all went up to Kaysville. It was really fun to see my Hess relatives. Issac is going to Melbourne, Australia Mandarin Chinese speaking! Monday I got my trash kicked in tennis- I think the only person I'm capable of beating is Joseph. Angela- we missed you girl. Over and out.

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Holly Dunn said...

I think Monday (Memorial Day) was pretty much my "perfect day"! Thanks for a fun day!