Monday, May 18, 2009


Everybody's changin' and I don't know why.
Everybody's changin' and I don't feel the same.

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Cam said...

I remember well having similar feelings after High School. Friends of many years were all leaving and going in different directions. Some knew exactly what they wanted to do with their lives. I didn't. The carefully laid out and structured pathway of schooling and Church youth activities had seemingly come to an abrupt and emotional end with graduation. It seemed like I had arrived at the end of the well marked path which emptied into an expansive field where everyone was going off in different directions. Some friends were going off to school in far away places. Others were leaving on missions. Some couldn't wait to leave home and what they perceived as old fashioned Utah behind and explore their new found freedom. The somewhat stable world I had known seemed to be in upheaval. The U.S was recovering from the Vietnam War. The President of the United States was forced to resign. Kidnap victim Patty Hearst was robing banks in California. Not unlike the present day, those were times of change.