Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dream Crusher

The NYT crushed my dreams. Although, I guess I shouldn't take it out on them- it's New York's fault. But then, I could never be mad at my beloved New York so I don't know who to blame. It's really the economy's fault, and it's kind of hard to point fingers for that. But- ever since I decided to become an English teacher (a whopping 5 months ago) I've dreamt of teaching in a big city and making a difference to underprivileged kids. My brother Marshall gave me the book Freedom Writers for Christmas, and while I have yet to read it (it's on my summer list) I did see the movie (which I highly recommend) and now I dream of being Hilary Swank. But now, all hope seems lost. Washington DC is always a good alternative though, right?


Cam said...

Things are no better on the southwest coast of the U.S. than they are on the northeast coast. Here is a link to a newspaper article that lists the names of nearly 500 school teachers in ONE school district that have been notified they are being layed off, including Judd. His wife Michele is expecting the same thing from her school district where she teaches.

In my opinion, the teachers union is partly to blame for making it nearly IMPOSSIBLE to fire bad teachers w/ tenure and promoting salaries and benefits that are higher than anywhere in the nation. Young, talented, motivated teachers get cut, while the tired old dinosaurs continue to drag down the quality of education.

Its possible that by the time you'd graduate and were ready to reach that the market for teachers could pick up again.

Jenny Dunn said...

I totally agree about the teacher's union thing. It's rather frustrating. I'm hoping in two years when I'm ready to find a job things will be looking up. Cross your fingers.