Monday, July 20, 2009

i heart ny

Lately, I've really been missing my home state of New York. Despite my family living in Utah I still claim Ithaca, NY as home. It's where the majority of my childhood took place and where many of my best memories are. I loved Ithaca. I love the east coast. I loved living near a lake and I loved the falls with the beautiful leaves. I LOVED our ward, and miss it constantly. I had the realization hit me that this past week was the Hill Cumorah Pageant which our family went to every year. It broke my heart to realize that I missed it. My goal is the summer after I graduate to go back to NY and be in the pagent. I think that'd be lovely. I think in my mind I've slightly idealized Ithaca and what it was and is. I know my parents don't hold quite the same fondness for it that I do. But I'm ok with that. I think that when I go (notice it's a when, not an if) I may be slightly disenchanted, or I may fall in love with it even more, it could do either way. I'm hoping for the latter.


Em said...

It did seem really nice. I think volunteering for the pageant would be smart. Especially for you to do it while you have so few responsibilities. There's never a time with so much freedom as student life.

Cam said...

Even though our family lived in Bountiful longer than anywhere else, Farmington, Utah (my Dad's family's home town) has the same appeal for me as Itaca has for you. During all those years when my Dad was in the service and we moved every 2-3 years, Farmington was a constant, a place where relatives and kind people loved me, a safe place where I loved to visit and still love to visit. There is something magical about Farmington for me. Like you, I'm sure if I moved there, it would not live up to my expectations, but spending the day there last Saturday was very special for me. It was almost as good as visiting the Spirit World in a dream. Even Kaylee mentioned how kind everyone was to her at the Hess reunions in Farmington. If it were possible, I'd choose to be buried high on the east bench on the south side of the mouth of Farmington Canyon so that on resurrection morning I could see all the places I so loved when I visited as a boy and where I worked as a teen. Since I can't be in Farmington as often as I want, I have some pictures that help me go there in my mind when I need a few minutes in a peaceful place in my mind before returning to the demands of the real world.

Hopefully, you have some pictures of places and people from Ithaca that are special to you.