Friday, July 31, 2009

things that annoy me

I couldn't resist compiling this list. A few things recently have really started to grind my gears (Marshall's favorite phrase) and I just needed to share. So- in no particular order....

1. All the Michael Jackson coverage. Seriously?! It's still going on. Enough already.
2. Jon and Kate. Never seen the show and never plan to but I think it's ridiculous the amount of press attention they're getting and the way they're handling it all.
3. The Henry Louis Gates arrest. Really Obama? You felt the need to comment and interfere?
4. The fact that some of the greatest baseball players of all time- including Sosa, Bonds, A-Rod, Ramirez and Ortiz are all involved in the doping scandal. I feel betrayed. Sammy Sosa was the man when I was growing up and (even though I hate the Sox) Ramirez and Ortiz got the Sox out of their funk. And it's all a lie!

5. Parents of incoming freshman. American Heritage is full for the fall. There really is nothing I can do about it. Calling and telling me your son/daughter's life story and why they have to take American Heritage this semester will not change the fact that the class is full and there really is nothing I can do. Please believe me when I tell you this and don't treat me like I'm stupid just because when you were at BYU (20+ years ago, might I add) things worked differently.

The end. Well actually, that's not the end. There's lots more I could add but chose to refrain.

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Cam said...

>The Henry Louis Gates arrest. Really Obama? You felt the need to comment and interfere?<
Lefties want to be in control of EVERYTHING!