Monday, September 13, 2010

a little reminder

So, I found out where I'll be doing my practicum/student teaching- Mt. Nebo Junior High in Payson. I'll be working with 8th graders! And I am thrilled. People think that's weird, but I quite like that age and I think we'll have a lot of fun together.
Sometimes, as I'm taking all my education classes and being bombarded with information on how to be a good and effective teacher I lose sight of the point. And sometimes I have a slight panic attack because I forget the purpose of what I am doing and why it even matters.
But then I remember. And then I feel unstoppable and noble even (is it wrong to say that about myself?) because I know that what I am going to do can make a difference. For a homework assignment I had to read the state core/objectives for Language Arts for 8th grade. And as I read them I was struck by a few that really reiterated to me why I decided to major in English, and why I decided to teach it! These are the ones that hit home the hardest:

3. Demonstrate Understanding of the Nature of Language
a. Understand that language enhances and identifies human beings as meaning makers.
b. Understand that language is the vehicle for constructing knowledge, acquiring skills, and
developing habits of mind.
c. Understand that language captures and records human aspirations and imagination.
d. Understand that language is continuously evolving as a reflection of human evolution.
e. Understand that language acquisition is not a matter of refining skills, but of increasing
confidence, insight, and discernment.
f. Understand that language conveys the depth of human experience, evoking both emotion
and reason.

Amen! That is really about all I can say to that.

I LOVE The Dead Poet's Society and especially when Robin Williams is explaining why studying English is important- "We don't study poetry because it's cute; we study poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion." Ah! I love it. I am so excited to be a teacher. And I am so excited to be able to teach students to have a greater appreciation and understanding of literature and writing and how it can influence their lives for the better.

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Candace said...

so if you'll be teaching in payson are you still going to live in provo? or back in salem? just wondering!