Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Bane of My Existence...

Exercise. Ok, that may be a little dramatic. But- I just don't like it. Not any of it. I hate running and hiking, I hate doing crunches and push-ups and squats. I hate it all. I'm athletically challenged so sports aren't really an option for me either. So what does that leave me? Nothing. Sad I know. I guess I just need to grin and bear it. It's a necessity. Lately, I've been playing tennis, actually, I guess it would be more accurate to say I've been "playing" tennis. I'm pretty awful. But I think it's fun and it get me outside in the sun moving around. Anyway, I guess my search for fun exercise will just have to continue. I will forge on. Wish me luck.


Em said...

The only thing that works for me is dance. I have a ballet-workout DVD that's doing the trick right now.
I'm tempted to try bellydancing, just be be controversial.

Cam said...

>Exercise...I just don't like it.<
That's what my body tells me nearly everyday I bike the 12 miles each way to/from work. I don't do push-ups very often (and it shows) and when I do, I have to force myself. I need to do more load bearing exercises like weight lifting and running to decrease bone density loss, but my schedule is tight and I'm tired after cycling home. You pretty much have to find one or more activities that you like at least a little at least some of the time and do it on a regular basis. There must needs be opposition in all things, ya know.

>I'm athletically challenged...<
Me, too! I was a perennial right fielder (least likely position to have to interact with the ball) and strike out victim throughout Little League. I washed out of football in Junior High. Wimpy, wimpy, wimpy. During my teen years I was so uncoordinated that I couldn't walk and chew gum at the same time so I never even tried playing basketball till I was a Junior in High School, and then only on Seminary and ward teams. I was so bad that I once recovered a loose ball and dribbled to the wrong basket and scored for the other team! Of necessity, I spent a lot of time on a bicycle on my mission and learned to like recreational rides when the weather was nice. In my first post-mission slow-pitch softball game, my wife-to-be struck me out 3 times in a row. (She had a wicked arch on her pitches- probably too high, but I was young and naive and let her get away with it.) I tried jogging during college, but didn't stick with it. Of necessity, I did end up riding my bicycle from the U to my job in North Salt Lake after morning college classes. I eventually got halfway decent at church basketball... which was my primary source of exercise...until middle age set in. Then I went back to jogging until my knees made it very clear that they could no longer handle running on a regular basis. For a while I tried working out on a stair stepper while watching TV, but the noise bothered other family members. After the bathroom scale informed me that I was creeping towards the 250 pound mark, I knew I had to do SOMETHING. I began to cycle to work, slowly increasing the frequency as my endurance improved. In 2007, I was able (with great difficulty) to complete three 200 miles-in-a-day bike rides and a 500 mile week-long tour of Southern Utah. Having reached my goal of qualifying for the California Triple Crown of cycling, I'm now finished with Double Century rides, but still commute to work to save gas and fit into my clothes, since I apparently love to eat more than I hate to exercise!

>I will forge on.<
That is DEFINITELY the key. Keep trying different activities until you find the ones you enjoy at least some of the time.

>Wish me luck.<
Luck has nothing to do with it. :)