Friday, May 7, 2010

by popular request

And by popular request I mean one request. This is for you Angela. :)

Sensational Summer Reads:
1. The Giver: Lowry
-I find this book fascinating- it is a very interesting commentary on the future of our society
2. Number the Stars: Lowry
-This was one of my favorite books as a kid- it's a very quick read and I love the perspective
3. The American Scholar: Emerson
-In my senior seminar my professor briefly mentioned this essay and I was reminded of how much I love it. The first time I read it in my intro to American Lit course it blew my mind. Some people think Emerson is too pretentious but I just love him.
4. The Kite Runner: Hosseini
-Not for the faint of heart. I think this book deals with some amazing themes and if ever in a position I would love to teach this book. It gave me some really good insights and enlarged my perspective of the world- especially of the Middle East. There are some rather violent and graphic parts just as a warning but they are vital to the storyline.
5. Because of Winn Dixie: DiCamillo
-This pretty much sums it up. And I quite liked the movie.
6. Fugitive Pieces: Michaels
-I read this book in my Postmodern Lit class and fell in love. This is perhaps the mostly beautifully written book I have read to date. The language and imagery is simply amazing and the story line is deep and moving.
7. Tuesdays with Morrie: Albom
-When I first started reading this book I didn't know it was a true story- when I found out it just made me love it that much more. Morrie is the cutest man with some great insights into life. It's a short and quick read but very valuable.
8. Ella Enchanted: Levine
-A childhood classic. Don't let the movie deter you if you haven't read it yet. It's a fun and easy read.
9. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Series: Brashares
-I saw the movie first and then decided to read the books. Bridgette can annoy me sometimes but overall I really like these books and I think that the best time to read them is summer- since that's when they take place! There are 4 books but I think the first is my favorite.
10. Leaves of Grass: Whitman
-I've been dying to lay outside and read Whitman and soak in the sun and soak in his words simultaneously. He's definitely one of my favorite poets. I think he does a great job touching on what the people of the time value.
11. The Hunger Games Series: Collins
-Very compelling reads- I got the first two books for Christmas and couldn't put them down. I think I read them in two days. Original and interesting. Very plot driven. The third and final book comes out in August and I'm quite excited.


Elyse Marie said...

Yay! I love your book recommendations! We need to hang out and be more sophisticated together by having intense Literature discussions (notice how it's capitalized, this is important). And I'm so glad you enjoyed the book thief. :)

Angela said...

Thanks Jen! That looks like a great list. Now I just need to get some mail and find out where the library is!