Tuesday, May 18, 2010


ain't she a beauty?

I want a bike. In my ideal world I would ride all over Provo on this beautiful thing. I'd go to the park and read, I'd go to the farmer's market, the swimming pool, friend's houses, the Provo library. The sun would be shining- but it wouldn't be too hot. I'd be in a summer skirt with my hair blowing in the wind. The tassels from my bike would be blowing. I'd be ringing my bell. There'd be fresh fruit in my basket and a good book. But right now it's raining and dreary. And the bike I want is $500. Therefore, I don't think this beautiful fantasy will be coming to fruition. But a girl can dream.

In other news- Paul McCartney is coming to Utah in July. Tickets are $50-$250. I want to go
so badly. Paul is my favorite Beatle! And this is totally a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The only problem is I don't have anyone to go with. Any takers?


Elyse Marie said...

I think you should get the bike and bag mccartney. He can't bring you joy all summer long quite like tassel streaming handlebars and a bike bell can. P.S. Let's play again soon!

Holly Dunn said...

Two things--I could get the flat tires fixed on Angela's old bike for you. I could even throw in a new basket, bell, and tassels!
#2-I would rather save my money, as see Brad Paisley in Sept. How 'bout that???