Thursday, May 13, 2010

a love letter

dear b.y.u. and the nice people who give money to b.y.u.,

you are amazing. your letter today made me smile. in fact i was so happy i pretty much started to cry. i'm my mother's daughter- what can i say? thank you for being willing to pay for ALL of my tuition for fall/winter semesters. i was kind of getting worried as to how i would pay for everything seeing as how from january-april i won't have any sort of income- student teaching is taking over. but then you sent me a lovely note- congratulating me on receiving a scholarship. oh happy day! right away i called my beautiful mother, and she was happy too. because if i didn't get a scholarship i would have been on the michael and holly dunn scholarship- but i think this is better. and i'm pretty sure they think so too. so thank you. it's nice knowing my hard work has paid off and that i have one less thing to stress over and worry about. i promise that if i ever get rich (which is highly unlikely seeing as how i'm going to be a teacher and all-but maybe i'll marry rich) that i will happily donate some of my hard earned money to this lovely institution so future educators will be able to survive when they go through their semester of student teaching.


jennifer l. dunn


Em said...

Rich is relative. The true test is developing a habit of giving before you're ever "rich" because almost nobody suddenly decides they are rich enough to give generously.

But hey, CONGRATS! Sounds like God is keenly aware of you. No surprise there.

Holly Dunn said...

I AM so so happy too! You are wonderful, and have worked so, so hard! I am very, very proud of you Sweetie! Keep up the good work! I think we should celebrate by me taking you out to see "Letters to Juliet"! :)Let me know when works for you!

Elyse Marie said...

Congrats on the scholarship Jenny! I always knew you were brilliant ;-)