Friday, May 14, 2010

a decision

It's no secret that I'm itching to leave Provo. I would take almost any opportunity to go explore some other unknown place or land. Because of this I decided that I wanted to do my semester of student teaching in Washington DC. I fell in love with it when I went a few years ago with my Pops. It's a magical place to me, and I felt right at home as I wandered the streets alone. I've had some good friends do internships in DC thru BYU's Washington Seminar program and they just loved it and raved about living in Washington D.C. My friend Kristen even got to attend President Obama's inauguration. And I have been anxiously awaiting my turn to go live in our nation's capitol and enlighten the minds of youth in the ways of great literature and writing. However, I have decided that I'm not going to go. It slightly breaks my heart. But after lots of agonizing, some pro/con lists, discussions with friends and my professor and some great insight from Elder Scott, I have chosen to do my student teaching in Utah. While the deadline isn't until September to apply, I had to let the English Department know about my decision ASAP so they could decide about placements. So there it is- I will be staying in Provo. No Washington D.C adventures for me. At least, not yet.

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Holly Dunn said...

I know this was a difficult decision for you. I hope you will feel peaceful about it. And don't worry, life will bring you many, many adventures!
Love you!